Monday, August 12, 2013

{ style awhile // 02 }

I know Autumn is not here for most of you guys, but sure feels like Fall here in Northern California. The mornings are very considerate of your eyes and keep things foggy and gray until you wake up enough to want some sunshine. The days are pretty mild, never really quite reaching 70 degrees, but warm enough to just feel comfortable in whatever you're wearing. I've felt okay in a sleeveless dress and flats, and also fine in corduroys and Minnetonka boots. It's like this perfect magic weather that lets you wear what your heart desires every day. So, with that being said, I've put together my second Style Awhile installment. Here is my perfect Autumn outfit wishlist.

1. Cropped Hooded Anorak: Anthropologie
2. Floral Top with Contrasting Collar: Zara
3. Over-the-knee Ribbed Socks: Madewell
4. Mink Pink Honey on My Mind Skirt: ModCloth
5. Jack Rogers Hudson Bootie: Nordstrom 

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