Friday, August 9, 2013

{ 350 square feet of life }

I'm not going to say living in a tiny cramped space is necessarily bad, but I will admit it does have its downfalls.

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My mornings in this teeny tiny studio consist of me waking up, tiptoeing around my sleeping husband, making coffee, and sitting at the desk to quietly read blogs and write things until he wakes up. Luckily this husband is one of those nice ones who never gets mad when you drop your spoon in a clanging fashion or accidentally click on a website that plays loud music. He just laughs and falls back asleep. Not everyone is so lucky, I know this.

While admitting to the difficulties, I think I've discovered a few solutions to making it more manageable. So, what do I recommend to help alleviate some of the troublesome woe is me's of studio apartment living? Here are six tips to help make living in a studio apartment bearable.

#1. Make your bed every day.

Even the smallest bit of untidiness seems like a giant mess in a studio apartment, but by making your bed every morning, you'll keep your space from looking like a pigsty.

#2. Be over-organized.

Organization is key to keeping your sanity in a small space. Keep your desk chair pushed in, your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper where they belong, clean clothes immediately folded or hung up after washing, books on the bookshelf, shoes on the shoe rack, receipts in the receipt box. You get what I'm sayin'.

#3. Invest in some storage friendly furniture.

One of these over-the-toilet bathroom shelves would certainly come in handy for storing your toiletries, makeup, towels, wash cloths, cleaning supplies, and whatever else you can fit. I like the ones with the small cabinets as opposed to just the wire shelves so things look less cluttered. One of those ottomans that opens up so you can store extra blankets and things works well, too. Over-the-door organizers are a lifesaver, as well. You can use them to store your shoes, socks, scarves and hats.

#4. Store things out of plain sight wherever you can.

Under your bed is the best place to store things like shoes, extra bedding, ummm...actually anything that fits under there. Your oven, when you're not using it, of course, can double as a storage space for extra dishware. The luggage you have just chillin' in your closet is a great place to stow away off-season clothing.

#5. Don't overbuy.

Since you don't have a lot of space, it's not to your benefit to buy the huge pack of toilet paper or family-sized anything, really. Don't worry, you're probably saving hundreds of dollars on rent each month, you don't need to worry about how you're not saving 20 cents on the price per ounce.

#6. Get a few good wears out of your clothes before washing.

This is more a time and money saver tip, but chances are if you're living in a studio apartment, you're like us and are doing so because of budgetary reasons and not because you love using your bed as a dining room table. Anyway, I really scrutinize each piece of clothing as I undress each night. Does it really need to be washed? Is it dirty? Did I spill anything on it? Does it smell funky? If the answer is no to all four questions, I hang it right back up. No reason lugging it all the way to the laundromat if I don't really need to, right?

So there you have it. Six tips to making your teeny tiny space work for you! Now get out of that apartment and take a walk!

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