Monday, February 25, 2013

{ a kinda day! }

I got my order today!  It was just like getting a present from a friend!  A best friend, that is!

I'm actually going to order another set of pink barrettes because I'm actually not sure why I didn't in the first place.

Friday, February 22, 2013

{ live lip dub proposal }

This may be old news to you, but it's new to me!  My friend at work just sent me this amazing marriage proposal.  Some people are just so creative and organized!!  Watch this now.  If you don't cry you probably have a heart of stone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{ the sardine room }

On Saturday we went to The Sardine Room (finally!) with our friends Mark and Stephanie (a.k.a. Diesel & Staiff).  It was go-od, let me tell you.  I would tell you everything we ate, but I'm kinda embarrassed by our gluttony.  I'll just say this, if you ever find yourself in Plymouth, Michigan, make sure to check it out.  I definitely recommend the oysters...and the lobster roll...and frog legs....and wild boar shoulder ragu...and the sardines...and roasted bone marrow...and the scallops...and maybe even the mint chocolate creme brulee.

See what I mean?  Gluttons.

Monday, February 18, 2013

{ costa rica via instagram }

We've been back from Costa Rica for about 4 weeks now and I cannot stop thinking about the little beach town of Brasilito where we were married.  I can't stop thinking about the guacamole Hilda, one of the owners of Conchal Hotel, made for us our first night there.  I can't stop thinking about the feel of the sand of finely ground seashells between my toes.  I can't stop thinking about the sound of the waves, the perfect weather, the super nice people.  I just wanna go back.  I wish I'd never left.  Boo.

You see, here in Michigan you have to wear shoes.  In Brasilito you almost never have to.  I love that.

At Conchal Hotel shoes are definitely optional.  You don't even have to wear them in the bar or restaurant.  I  rarely saw the owners, Simon and Hilda, wearing shoes, so I followed suit and chucked mine under the bed.  Those two just know how to make a person feel home, even when you're 3,000 miles away from your own.

I just wanted to share with you a few Instagram photos I took while on our trip.  Good thing other people brought cameras because I didn't snap many photos.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

{ puppy guilt }

Do you guys ever get puppy guilt?  If you're anything like me, you might get a gut wrenching pang of guilt when you don't come home for lunch.  Then you get another one when you come home from work, let your puppy outside, and then leave again for the night!  Then you come home at midnight and feel guilty AGAIN when your sweet lil puppy is wide awake and wants you to throw her ball for an hour or five, when all you want to do is crash in your ridiculously soft bed with your bra still on and your contacts still in.  Ugh.  If she wasn't so mother effing cute this wouldn't be so hard.  Damn those giant bulging adorable eyes!

Sometimes I don't feel SO bad because she doesn't know how many pictures of her I have up in my cubicle.  She also has no idea how many of my instagram posts are of her.  And I always let her sleep on my pillow.  See, I do care.  I just care in my own way.

 photo 60729_10151471092974341_842679578_n_zps2495758a.jpg

Thursday, February 14, 2013

{ just a reminder }


{ the reception }

I had the time of my life at our wedding reception.  After the beach, we drove back to our hotel for cocktails, dinner, cake and a LOT of dancing.  We even had a mariachi band that Mark and I completely forgot about!  They showed up halfway through dinner and surprised us all.  It was so much fun, we even started a conga line.  

The best lobster I've ever had.  They caught it that morning!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{ happy valentine's day }

Every year my best friend Megan from the super cool blog Take a Megabite hosts the most amazing Valentine's Day brunch ever.  She fills her apartment with hand made decorations, spends months planning the menu and days making the food, and designs the cutest valentines to hand out to all of her lucky guests.  She asks us each year to bring nothing but a bottle of champagne and our love of love.  

This was the 5th year in a row she's hosted the brunch, and it was the best one ever!  We started at 11am and were still going strong at 9pm.  The love was flowing almost as steadily as the champagne.  Almost.