Saturday, February 16, 2013

{ puppy guilt }

Do you guys ever get puppy guilt?  If you're anything like me, you might get a gut wrenching pang of guilt when you don't come home for lunch.  Then you get another one when you come home from work, let your puppy outside, and then leave again for the night!  Then you come home at midnight and feel guilty AGAIN when your sweet lil puppy is wide awake and wants you to throw her ball for an hour or five, when all you want to do is crash in your ridiculously soft bed with your bra still on and your contacts still in.  Ugh.  If she wasn't so mother effing cute this wouldn't be so hard.  Damn those giant bulging adorable eyes!

Sometimes I don't feel SO bad because she doesn't know how many pictures of her I have up in my cubicle.  She also has no idea how many of my instagram posts are of her.  And I always let her sleep on my pillow.  See, I do care.  I just care in my own way.

 photo 60729_10151471092974341_842679578_n_zps2495758a.jpg

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