Monday, February 18, 2013

{ costa rica via instagram }

We've been back from Costa Rica for about 4 weeks now and I cannot stop thinking about the little beach town of Brasilito where we were married.  I can't stop thinking about the guacamole Hilda, one of the owners of Conchal Hotel, made for us our first night there.  I can't stop thinking about the feel of the sand of finely ground seashells between my toes.  I can't stop thinking about the sound of the waves, the perfect weather, the super nice people.  I just wanna go back.  I wish I'd never left.  Boo.

You see, here in Michigan you have to wear shoes.  In Brasilito you almost never have to.  I love that.

At Conchal Hotel shoes are definitely optional.  You don't even have to wear them in the bar or restaurant.  I  rarely saw the owners, Simon and Hilda, wearing shoes, so I followed suit and chucked mine under the bed.  Those two just know how to make a person feel home, even when you're 3,000 miles away from your own.

I just wanted to share with you a few Instagram photos I took while on our trip.  Good thing other people brought cameras because I didn't snap many photos.

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