Thursday, August 29, 2013

{ let's never grow up }

You know JM Barrie? The guy who created Peter Pan, Neverland, the Darling children, Nana, the Lost Boys, the Mermaid's Lagoon, and Tinker Bell? Apparently, it's suspected that he suffered from Psychosocial Short Stature, or psychogenic dwarfism. Basically, there have been cases where a child's growth is stunted to due to stress, emotional deprivation, or trauma. When Barrie was six, his brother, who just so happened to be his mama's golden child, died in an ice skating accident. His mom took it very hard, as you can imagine, and unfortunately neglected the rest of her children. So, some people (don't ask me who - you can read the Wikipedia page like I did) speculate that Barrie suffered from this rare condition. No wonder the guy was obsessed with never growing up! He never did!

Well, this hits close to home, since Barrie was an inch taller than me. I've been asked what grade I'm in (as in high school!), if I'm allowed to be drinking, and once, my ex-boyfriend was approached by a police officer inside 7-11 who asked him how old I was just because he wanted to "double check". Ha!

Anyway. Sometimes I think I'll never feel like a grown lady. And sometimes I think I never want to!


Well, you can, if you want. I'll just be over here watching Gnomeo & Juliet on Youtube and eating potato chips for brunch.


  1. That is so interesting. I had never heard about such a disorder. I agree, I think we should all live like we are young. I loved Gnomeo and Juliet. Hope you enjoy it!

    1. I SO enjoyed it! Cheers to staying young at heart forever!