Sunday, November 25, 2012

{ a costa rica wedding }

In just 61 days Mark and I, along with twelve of our nearest and dearest, are going to Costa Rica for our January wedding!  We chose the Conchal Hotel in Brasilito, a nine room boutique hotel with a very well reviewed restaurant, a cool open air bar and "The Rancho", which is the treehouse looking top floor pictured above.  Can you imagine chillin' in that hammock with a fresh fruit cocktail as the sun sets?  I'm really looking forward to spending a few nights that way. We spoke with the owner, Hilda, a few weeks ago about our wedding ideas (of which we had very little to contribute).  We're really letting her take control and are looking forward to being surprised by what she comes up with.  She was especially excited about the menu.  I guess they usually do buffet style, but she really wants to have an elegant seated 4 course dinner for us.  And that is just fine by me!  Also, one thing that we're kinda keeping to ourselves as a surprise to the wedding party - We got a Mariachi band!  I'm hoping that means some dudes with guitars and trumpets follow us around and serenade us with awesome music all night.

I cannot wait.

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