Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ferndale, Michigan

This was our first house and my favorite place I’ve ever lived.  We found it pretty easily and knew it was ours when we sat on the front porch the first time, waiting for the landlord to show up.  It’s sad to leave this little piece of Heaven we had for over a year, but we’re on to bigger and (hopefully) better things!

We had a lot of firsts in this house.  We had a lot of fights and a lot of making up. I cried a lot, you made me laugh a ton and we LOVED all of it!  We had beers and bikes! Dinner parties and all-day-moving-watching-fests!  Dancing in the kitchen, late night snacks, early morning breakfasts, puppy parties, garage sales, walks to friends’ houses, walks to bars, walks to restaurants.  We slept on the couch, we slept in our tiny bed, we slept on our air mattress in the middle of the living room floor for a week!  We sang, we made up songs, we listened to our favorite music.  We loved our neighbors, we loved our city, we loved this house.  Let’s never forget Marshall Street in Ferndale, Michigan.  If we ever want to come back here, I’m sure we’re welcome. <3

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