Monday, November 26, 2012

In Limbo // We Live Here Now

As of right now we've been living in Mark's parents' spare bedroom for about two months.  We are sandwiched between his parents' bedroom and the bathroom.  Let me tell you, living with parents at age 28 has its ups and downs.  Having family around us all the time is awesome, but having family around us ALL THE TIME is well...a cockblock, to put it delicately.  Paying zero dollars for rent is the shit, but our super super tight budget is pretty shitty.  Having no stuff is pretty liberating, but missing the stuff I sold for $5 at our garage sale makes me pretty blue.

But honestly, there are so many more pros than cons.  His family really is amazing.  We make big breakfasts on Sunday, I go for walks around the neighborhood with his mom and sister, we sit around the kitchen table and talk, we babysit his nephews, we watch movies, we always have someone around to watch Penelope if we're going to be away from home more than a few hours.  His awesome mama does our laundry, grocery shops and listens to us when we're having troubles.  AND my drive to work is like three minutes!!  

It's pretty cool.  We have our plans, but just like every other place I've lived, I'm going to be super sad to leave here.

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