Monday, October 14, 2013

{ an ode to rattan }

Rattan, cane, bamboo, wicker - I love you silly. Hashtag obsessed.

But you know who's not obsessed? My husband. And you know who respectfully doesn't care? This girl. You see, I learned early on that while the dude is adorable, really super funny, ridiculously smart, has the cutest dance moves, and makes some killer guacamole, I can't quite trust him when it comes to picking out things for our home. Maybe I'm a bit of a control freak in this regard, but I just can't ever seem to compromise. He once fought me (fought me!) on displaying this really stupid 90s car phone on a shelf in our bedroom! It was not pretty.  I remember calling my mom and literally crying over it. Like actual real tears of frustration. I was so conflicted because while I do think compromising is super important in any relationship, that dumb phone was just too awful to let sit there any longer. And to be completely honest, I somehow let it become this symbol of how I felt like I was losing myself during that time in my life. And that, my friends, is a whole other sad story. Maybe I'll get to that someday...

Anyway, I had a really good Craigslist score where I came away with four vintage reproductions of Marcel Breuer's Cesca cane chairs (similar to the ones in the second image above) for $40! It was a huge debacle, touch and go for a while, but I finally got the guy to deliver them to our apartment. They were finally mine. When he returned my call four days after the day he had promised to deliver them in the first place I hung up and exclaimed, "Dreams do come true!" I'm serious about this stuff, guys.

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