Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{cuckoo for cuckoo clocks }

Cuckoo clocks have always drawn my attention, ever since I was a little girl. I remember sitting in my neighbor's living room, just hoping our visit would take long enough so I could witness the little bird pop his head out chirp the time. And when it happened, it felt like magic.

Nowadays, I'm pretty sure I'd find that bird incredibly annoying. I don't need that guy reminding me I should have gotten out of the bathtub 20 minutes ago, or that I'm running late for work and am probably about to miss my bus. Okay, I do need that, but I don't want it, know what I'm sayin'? Which is why these cuckoo-style clocks by Maiko Kuzunishi of DecoyLab are perfect! You get all the cuteness of a cuckoo clock, with none of the irritating squawking or chiming of the damn bird. If you're late, you can check the clock with your own procrastinating eyes.

She doesn't limit herself to just cuckoo clocks, either. She hand makes some really detailed whimsical wall clocks, and some adorable animal clocks. I love the little hedgehog below.

DecoyLab raffles off a different clock every month, so be sure to check out their giveaway page and enter to win! October's giveaway is for the clock shown in the third image above. This post is not sponsored in any way, so you better believe I entered. That clock will be mine. Muah ha ha ha.
Until next time, cuckoo ka-choo.

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