Saturday, August 31, 2013

{ style awhile // 03 }

Although I'm nervous I'm going to jinx it just by writing this, I have to tell you that I have an interview for a job I think I might really really want on Tuesday. The phone interview went well, so I just hope I can wow them in person with my extensive knowledge of Excel. So, fingers crossed, wish me luck, send your good vibes, say a prayer to the universe, or to whatever you believe in, please! 

With jobs on the brain, I have put together a cute first day of work outfit. Hopefully I'll get to wear something similar soon. The shoes are a dream come true to me, but sadly, don't come in a size 4. I swear, having ridiculously small feet is a curse always. Enjoy! And, if you currently unemployed like me, good luck in your job hunting endeavors. I know we'll all find dream jobs!

Josie Dress: Tigertree
Geometric Print Blazer: SheInside
Daphne II Platforms: Free People
Leopard Print Belt: Etsy

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