Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{ in your clutches }

Sometimes a purse feels so burdensome to carry around, that I find myself reaching for one of my clutches instead. I'm not even talking just for weddings or fancy occasions, but for trips to the grocery store and library, too. Just don't set it down and forget to pick it back up. I've been there, so I wouldn't judge if you did. But your significant other might get super mad if you do it too often.

Take a look at my eight favorite clutches from around the 'net. I'd probably go with one of each to coordinate with my many fancy library outfits. A girl's gotta look good when she goes to get her read on, after all.

1. New Look Mama Mia Color Block Clutch: ASOS
2. Leather Fringe Purse: byMART
3. Boardwalk Bistro Clutch: ModCloth
4. Patch Bar Clutch: Topshop
5. Black Rainbow Wallet: Need Supply Co.
6. Electric Arrow Clutch: Anthropologie
7. Navajo Envelope Clutch: L-atitude
8. Buena Vista Social Bag: Arc of a Diver 

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