Monday, February 11, 2013

{ little signs }

Do you believe in signs?  I sure do.  I think that when you open yourself up to the universe, you start see things align in seemingly coincidental ways.  And then, after enough coincidental situations, you start to realize they aren't actually coincidences at all!

Mark and I started to see these signs from the very beginning of our relationship.  We'd be talking about a song, and suddenly it was on the radio.  He found a short story he had written years ago and Katie was one of the main characters of the story!  His younger sister found a drawing from elementary school of her fictional Cocker Spaniel named Penelope.  I mean, these things all seemed to point to the fact that we were always meant to be in each other's lives.

Oh, and one of the best signs of all:  I was finally dating a guy who I was compatible with based on the Chinese restaurant's place mat Zodiac signs.  I don't know about you, but that pretty much settled it in my mind.  This boar and that tiger are a match made in heaven.

The most recent sign presented itself while we were on our way to get our marriage license. We burned a cd of our wedding playlist to listen to in the car and Bonnie Raitt's version of "Women Be Wise" was one of the songs we wanted to play during our reception.  Although its not a typical wedding song, it's soulful, and has a really good message we ladies need to keep in mind.  :)

Anyway, after driving home from Toledo with our marriage license in hand, we stopped at Green Dot Stables to celebrate with some burgers.  We sat down, ordered a beer, and guess what song started playing in the restaurant?  Yep, Bonnie Raitt's "Women Be Wise."

So, there are two messages I can take away from this sign: 1) Our marriage has been blessed by the universe and the spirit of Bonnie Raitt, or 2) I best be keepin' my mouth shut about how awesome my dude is.

Look at us eatin' those burgers.  

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