Thursday, January 17, 2013

Says My Yoga Instructor

Last week's yoga class was a complete disaster.  In the span of an hour, my yoga instructor managed to step on my head and spill my water.  She blasted Led Zeppelin like a teenage boy.  She got all political on our asses about gun control, consumerism and just the overall sad state of the world.  She scoffed at lululemon yoga pants and shunned anyone who stopped to take a drink of water (culprit).  It was a bit awkward, to say the least.  I found myself rolling my eyes a lot, which isn't at all zen-like.

Tonight, though, she really laid it on thick.  She told us this story about a hallucination she had when she was coming out of a meditation about a dialogue between "Allison Wonderland" and the Cheshire Cat.  Apparently "Allison" was confused about what road to take and stopped to ask the Cheshire Cat for directions.  "Well, where would you like to end up?" asked Cat.  "I don't really know," replied "Allison".  Cat thought for a moment and offered this mind-blowingly wise piece of advice, "Then it does not matter what road you take.  It only matters how long you walk."  

And then she repeated, "It only matters how long you walk."

She asked us to then lay in Savasana to really let that last bit sink in.

Profound, right?  I mean, wow.  There are no words.

Namaste, bitches.

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