Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vintage Shoes Are Made For Walking

I love wedges and I love vintage, so vintage wedges are like mind blowingly awesome to me.  The peep-toe, cork heeled '70s style wedges are by far my favorite, but there is room in my heart for all varieties!  I've rounded up my favorites from all over the web for you to see, and maybe make shoe shopping a little easier for you.

5.  Yellow Colin Stuart Patent Leather Wedge Heels - Size 8.5 - $45
6.  Boho Macrame Jute Wedges - Size 6 - $75
7.  Sbicca Slingback Wedge - Size 6 - $42
8.  Olive Green Cork Platforms - Size 5.5 - $109

If you ever come across anything similar in a size 4, let me know!  I have the most ridiculously small feet and shoe shopping is not always fun for me.  I could certainly use the help.

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