Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{ one of those days }

I'm just having one of those days.

You know those days when you wake up and make the incredibly wise decision to email your boss and let him know you are *cough* sick and can't make it into work today? Those days when you kiss you husband goodbye from bed and lay in your gloriously sunlit apartment enjoying the cool morning breeze as it blows the gauzy white curtains from the windows? On those days you might even steal another 20 minutes of sleep because being all alone in your bed, which happens to be the most comfortable one you've ever slept in, feels so deliciously serene you can't imagine leaving it just yet.

Those days when the most important decision to make is deciding which articles of clothing are the most comfortable for lounging and strolling, but don't look too much like pajamas. When a leisurely walk with your favorite pup to your favorite cafe for a coffee and pastry are the highest on your list of priorities. When the park is calling to you with a soft blanket and a nice shady spot under a massive Redwood tree. Where a tan bearded man in an unbuttoned shirt and worn leather sandals sits on the other side of that tree and serenades the entire park with the peaceful strum of his guitar. When the book you're re-reading seems to speak to every single part of you in a way that it didn't the first time you read it, making you sometimes stop and wonder if it isn't, in fact, your own words on the pages.

On your walk back to your apartment you might happen upon a woman sitting on her front porch playing a long slow melody on her violin. You might pass every single color of rose you can imagine, and pause to inhale the sweet perfume of each one. You might greet everyone you walk by with a "hello" and a smile, because they're your neighbors, after all. 

You know those days? I seem to be having one of them.

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