Monday, December 3, 2012

Engagement Photos // Kristi Gnyp Photography

Our incredibly talented photographer friend, Kristi Gnyp, of Kristi Gnyp Photography, took some engagement photos for us at Mae's in Pleasant Ridge a few weekends ago.  Although the photos aren't quite ready yet, I begged her for a sneak peek.  And here it is!

Eating happened first, obviously.  We girls both had the Bella Sandwich (only the best marinated Portabella mushroom, goat cheese, basil and creamy balsamic sandwich ever!) with a Faygo Rootbeer each.  The boys followed suit and also ordered twin lunches - The Good Ol' Boy (Cap'n Crunch country fried chicken, coleslaw and house made honey mustard) with Faygo Rock'n'Rye.  Oh, and sweet potato fries were shared.  Oh, and deep fried Oreos also joined the party.  Next time I get engaged (juuust kidding) I'm definitely not going to stuff my face before taking photos like I did that day.  But hey, eating is one thing Mark and I are champs at, so maybe it was for the best.

After our lunch, we took some photos around the neighborhood while the restaurant staff cleaned up.  We may have borrowed a front porch or two to pose in front of.  Kristi may have knocked over my root beer in a clumsy moment.  And my belt MAY have been popping off like crazy the whole time.  But you know what, if things weren't a crazy mess, it wouldn't be Mark & Katie.  It would be two other people...acting normal.

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